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Our children’s program is a fun, safe way to experience what karate has to offer. We work very closely with the parents on developing good character in the kids. Karate is much more than just kicking and punching. Through lessons in the classroom and the coaching of the instructors, the children learn the life skills that parents love to see.


Karate is a vehicle of self-improvement. Students learn through physical movement, life lessons and repetition, the skills of self-discipline, self-confidence, positive thinking, good listening and respect. We teach these benefits, then through practical application these positive traits become habit and part of their character inside and outside of the school.


In this busy, hectic world we live in. We need a vacation every once in a while. Karate provides a perfect mental retreat all the while getting the exercise that is necessary to keep up an active lifestyle. While doing the moves. There is no time to ponder problems or run a laundry list in one’s head. It’s all about here and now. We teach a fun, safe way to develop great skill and even better mental clarity and awareness.

What Our Families Say

“Bennati’s is probably the single most amazing thing that has happened for my 7 year old daughter. She loves learning the karate, and I love the way everything Sensei Bennati and the others say and do are teaching her honor, respect, and self discipline. This dojo has been a gift to our family! I highly, highly recommend you check it out!”
Suzi B. Rocklin, CA

“I’ve trained with Master Bennati for more than 9 years. He’s an excellent instructor and his school is a safe, fun environment open to anyone of any age/ability (starting around age 4). He will challenge you and encourage you and not let you give up. He cares about his students and has devoted his life and heart to mastering Isshinryu Karate. He’s trained under Master Joslin and Grandmaster Adams, all excellent teachers each with their own lifetimes of devotion to Isshinryu. A real special opportunity at this school.”
Sara B. Applegate, CA

“Exceptional instruction, positive environment and overall great group of people. I cannot recommend this any higher. You will be challenged, pleased and learn many things.

-Scott A. Auburn CA



Thank you for taking your time to learn about us,

We teach a system of Karate called IsshinRyu. A traditional martial art from Okinawa, Japan. We provide a safe, fun, engaging environment that is good for all ages. Our instructors are experts at recognizing a student’s potential and bringing out the best in them.

We see students that are in all walks of life. And all of them strive for a common goal. Black Belt. The rewards of training and earning ones Black Belt are amazing and last a life time.

See you on the mat,
Sensei Derek Bennati


Our Dojo

Bennati’s Martial Arts offers one of the nicest and most complete Karate Dojos in the Greater Sacramento area and Placer County. Our dojo offers two full floors with built in mats, six foot mirrors on each floor covering the full length of the floor, 4 100lb hanging bags, bleachers for our spectators, a concession stand, two locker rooms with showers (1 for men and 1 for women), and many other bags and equipment for our students young and old. Take a look at our virtual walkthrough to see for yourself.

Virtual 3d Walkthrough

Click the image to see the dojo in 3D!